Saying it how it is....

When it comes to fashions last word, many leave it up to Anna Wintour.
Which if you have seen The September Issue is probably a good idea...

When it comes to the Kell-raiser, looking at her latest press call, you probably wouldnt want to mince your words with her either. She could destroy any fashion wannabe's career in a click and looks as though she could break your neck whilst doing it.

Giggling at her comparisons of The Hills to her new show;

"Well, on The Hills, I'm on with a bunch of blonde girls. And on this one I'm on with a bunch of black-haired girls…. We're not fluttering around here."

I found some of her views quite interesting and I know have a new found respect for her...


For the full interview; http://www.theawl.com/2010/01/some-highlights-from-todays-kelly-cutrone-press-call


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