Sex with Me in the City...

Yes... Yes Please. 6 Days <3


La Dolce Victoria...

Victoria Beckham is back in the public eye again..

I hear some of you yawn and sigh. But no, have faith. It is not for her shrinking body or new tousled hair..

..... but for her new collection!

The collection does include her famous denim, which im pleased to say, is a LOT more current and up to date than her dVb range.

The collection sees embellishment such as piping, studs and a pair feauturing ribbing detail. (Also check the FABULOUS hair on the model).

Not only Denim is she producing, Oh no.

She has also come back into designing with a vengeance and produced some outstanding dresses. VERY Victoria Beckham, but also VERY gorgeous.

Also she is going all out with Accessories, which have yet to be revealed. But in my opinion are going to be a smash!!

Hopefully some sky high shoes will be thrown in there too at some point.. FINGERS CROSSED!